How Should Leaders React to Tragedy?

NPR’s Mara Liasson talks Manchester bombing, Trump’s reaction, and latest news out of Washington.

Last night a bomb went off in Manchester, England, in the latest terrorist attack on the western world. This time at a pop-music concert with many children and young people in attendance.

The death toll so far is 22, with dozens more injured by the improvised explosive device. It is in difficult and fraught times that people turn to their nation’s leader to make sense of, and respond to, acts of terrorism. 

NPR’s national political correspondent Mara Liasson speaks with Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson about President Donald Trump’s reaction to the Manchester bombing and the latest news out of Washington. 

Trump referred to ISIS, who has taken responsibility for the bombing, as “losers,” which is in line with “how Donald Trump operates,” says Liasson. “I don’t think you can vanquish ISIS by calling them losers.”

Liasson also addresses Trump’s trip abroad and the issues the administration will face when he returns home. 



“When he comes home, the question is: ‘Was this just a brief respite from his troubles at home, or was this a true reset where he can really start a new chapter and somehow compartmentalize the Russia investigation?'”

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