MDOT Resumes Weight Restrictions Friday

MDOT says weight restrictions will go into effect on all trunkline highways

The Michigan Department of Transportation is extending weight restrictions on state trunk line highways from the Ohio and Indiana borders up to the Mackinac Bridge starting Friday.

MDOT is resuming weight restrictions on trunkline roads to prepare for an early spring thaw.

Spokespersons Dan Weingarten says the restrictions help to keep roads from crumbling during challenging weather conditions.

“There’s a period of time where the ground is thawed, and of course thaws from the top down. And so you basically have our roadways sitting on top of saturated soil. And so, they are very vulnerable to damage at this time of year,” Weingarten says.

Weingarten says county and city roads can enact their own weight-restrictions on certain roads, so truck driver should check with local officials before traveling through those areas.