Created Equal Podcast 06. Radical Empathy

Viola Liuzzo risked everything, including her privilege, for a bigger cause in American history.

In order to make positive change for marginalized people, privileged people must care about and stand up for equal rights. The story of Viola Liuzzo shows us how deep the impact of true empathy is felt. Created Equal co-hosts Stephen Henderson and Laura Weber-Davis speak with Wayne State University Governor Kim Trent about Liuzzo, who traveled from her comfortable home and family in Detroit to help with the march on Montgomery, Alabama from Selma in 1965. Liuzzo felt compelled to help Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other freedom fighters in making the march. And she went at great personal risk. Pastor and author Jim Wallis, president of Sojouners, also talks about the obligation of the privileged class to right the wrongs of America’s foundation.