Beyond Fish Sauce: Katoi Lands The Late-Night Mothership Menu in Corktown

Detroit modern Thai hot-spot Katoi is serving-up a new, nocturnal food, drink & music program it calls ‘The Mothership’

Katoi GM Courtney Henriette & Exec Chef Brad Greenhill

Katoi is a wholly badass restaurant and bar in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood that kicks-out contemporary Northern Thai cuisine in way that suggests the fate of mankind rests solely on its flavor-per-bite ratio. That is to say, while its chef has thoughtfully crafted dishes meant to be shared among your table-mates, you just won’t want to do such a thing. Same goes for the booze.

With thirsty eyes, a person next to you will say something along the lines of “Whoa, that looks kinda weird but also pretty amazing,” expectantly pointing to your murky, fermented-pineapple whiskey sour cocktail.

“Not even if you have your own straw,” you find yourself replying. Who have you become? What has Katoi done to you? I’m telling you, these flavors got flavors. 

GM Courtney Henriette and Chef Brad Greenhill grew Katoi from a food truck to one of Detroit’s most inspired eateries. There’s no sign of slowing down. They swung through WDET to talk about their new, late-night music program that comes with its own “junk-food-inspired” eats and creative drink specials.

They call it “The Mothership.”