Detroit News’ John Niyo Breaks Down The Week’s Sports

Niyo talks about the “epic” World Series, the Lions, and the Tigers’ offseason.

Michael Hayball

We’ve been told there’s an election coming up in a few days. In fact, we at Detroit Today have spent almost this entire week talking about local, statewide, and national issues and candidates on the ballot.

We figured it was time to take one last deep breath before the polls open to talk about something more fun. 

And what has been more fun this week than the incredible seventh game capping off an amazing World Series? Fun, unless you happen to be a Cleveland Indians fan.

Detroit News Sports Columnist John Niyo joins Detroit Today to talk about that and the rest of the week’s sports news. 

“It was really an epic series just in terms of the drama of the games and the results,” says Niyo. “And I think it was sort of a respite for people from everything else that we’re getting bombarded with on TV.”

Click on the audio player above to hear the full conversation.


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