Twisted Storytellers: Hard-won Wisdom

Ethriam Brammer takes us back into his childhood to unravel memories of his father.

Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers

Ethriam Cash Brammer is a Chicano writer and scholar from El Centro, California.

He holds a doctorate in English from Wayne State University and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from San Francisco State University.

He currently serves as the Director of the federal TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program at Eastern Michigan University.

Dr. Brammer is a translation scholar, translating a number of works of early U.S. Latino/a literature, including The Adventures of Don Chipote: Or, When Parrots Breast Feed, by Daniel Venegas (Arte Público Press, 2000); Lucas Guevara, by Alirio Díaz Guerra (Arte Público Press, 2003); and, Under The Texas Sun, by Conrado Espinoza (Arte Público Press, 2007).

He is also a passionate advocate for increasing children’s literacy and has been deeply involved in efforts to support programs such as El Día del Niño/El Día del Libro and PRIME TIME Family Reading Time, two programs supported by the American Library Association.  He is also the author of two original bilingual children’s books: My Tata’s Guitar/La guitara de mi tata (Arte Público Press, 2003) and Allá en el Rancho Grande/The Rowdy, Rowdy Ranch (Arte Público Press, 2004).

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