Twisted Storytellers: ‘Stepping into Stepmomhood

Detroiter Monica Sholar weaves a hilarious and heartfelt tale about her decision to become a step-mom.

Monica Sholar

“[Kids] cry, they need stuff, and this was just not conducive to my lifestyle as queen of all bachelorettes.”

That’s what Monica thought when she found out the potential man of her dreams was the father of a 5-year-old boy. 

But, as time went on, she fell in love with the two of them. In this episode of the Twisted Storytellers podcast, listen to Monica hilariously recount her decision to become a step mom.

Monica Sholar, a Detroit native, is the author of the Belle Isle Heights Thriller series. Her first work of non-fiction is called Please Pardon My Dust: I’m Under Construction. 

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