Mosquito Pool in Windsor-Essex County Positive for West Nile Virus

A mosquito pool in Windsor-Essex County has tested positive for the West Nile Virus.

The Windsor-Essex Health Unit is reporting a mosquito pool in the county has tested positive for West Nile Virus. The unit tests mosquitos every year to see where the virus might appear in the community.

Gary Kirk is the CEO of the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit. He says the scope of the tests is limited.

“All this test tells us is that a mosquito tested positive. It doesn’t tell us there’s going to be a human case of West Nile Disease,” Kirk says. “It doesn’t tell us if there is going to be any severity to this season. It just tells us it’s present.”

Kirk says West Nile Virus has been known to pop up during this time of the season when the weather is particularly hot.

He advises residents to take precautions to prevent mosquito bites, such as using bug repellent with DEET and removing all standing water near homes.