Wayne County Warns Deadline is Near to Pay Overdue Property Taxes

About 9,000 occupied homes face foreclosure soon.

Time is running out for Wayne County property owners to pay delinquent taxes. The deadline is June 30. County Treasurer Eric Sabree says about 17,000 properties face foreclosure if their taxes aren’t paid by the deadline, and roughly half of those are occupied. Sabree tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller those whose taxes are at least three years overdue (2013 or earlier) can avoid losing their homes if they pay their taxes or enter payment plans before the deadline.

“Also, if you only owe 2014 or 2015 taxes and you’re not facing foreclosure, you can still come down and get into an agreement that will reduce your interest rate from 18 percent a year to six percent a year,” Sabree says.

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To find out if you qualify for the Step Forward Michigan program, click here.

Taxes can be paid online at the Wayne County Treasurer’s web site.

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