Coleman A. Young Municipal Center Has Been Evacuated

Police are searching the building for a man with a gun.

The Coleman A. Young Municipal Center has been evacuated and remains on lockdown.  Police are searching for a man who entered the building with a gun this morning.  Detroit Police Chief James Craig told reporters the problem started at a security checkpoint.

He said, “Images on the scanner showed a possible handgun inside of a bag. It wasn’t until they realized it may have been a handgun that the suspect was already passed the security checkpoint had entered an elevator and we’re not sure where.”

Craig said there were about 100 law enforcement officers on the scene, including the FBI, ATF, Wayne County Sheriff’s deputies, and the Detroit Police Department.



  • Jerome Vaughn
    Jerome Vaughn is News Director at 101.9 WDET. His interest in news reporting began when he was five years old, after his mom bought him a yellow Panasonic ball and chain radio.