The Slow Roll Rolls on Mackinac Island

Founder Jason Hall says it’ll be a new experience for everyone slow rolling at the Mackinac Policy Conference.

Courtesy of Slow Roll

If you live anywhere near downtown Detroit, you’ve probably seen the Slow Roll on Monday evenings; thousands of bikers who take to the streets and explore different parts of the city.

The founder of Slow Roll is Jason Hall. He’s got something new planned for the Mackinac Policy Conference this week. Slow Roll, which has always been in the city of Detroit, is going to go up to Mackinac Island and policy leaders and politicians will take part.

“What’s really cool for me is it’s rare for me to run into somebody who hasn’t heard of or seen Slow Roll, but I guarantee a good chunk of the people that I’m about to ride with at Mackinac have never experienced the energy that it really is,” says Hall. “So to get to take it up there and really show it to people — that’s key.”

Hall says the group will circle the island, as well as hit some interior spots on its route.

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