Bike Paths Proposed on Gordie Howe Bridge

The Detroit Greenways Coalition wants bike paths on the Gordie Howe Bridge.

The Detroit Greenways Coalition wants to add bike paths and a ferry to the proposed bridge between Detroit and Windsor.

The group released a so-called “vision map” that illustrates the bike paths in both cities.

Executive Director Todd Scott says the goal is to encourage cyclists to explore the Detroit River using the new Gordie Howe Bridge.

“We don’t do too many maps that are international like this, that show both sides of the river,” Scott says. “So it was something kind of exciting that we did. We were able to work with partners on both sides of the river to make it happen, and it turned out really well.”

Scott says similar bike paths and ferries are already in place across the Saint Clair River in Port Huron and at the Sault Sainte Marie International Bridge. He says the group is still discussing the possibility of bike lanes with the Detroit-Windsor Bridge Authority.