Midwest Literary Walk Highlights Power of Literature and Poetry in Everyday Life

Detroit poet talks about his career and how he deals with being viewed as an authority on the city

Every year the last Saturday in April, the Midwest Literary Walk takes place. It’s aimed at highlighting the power of literature and poetry in everyday life. Reading events take place at a range of venues in Downtown Chelsea. The readings are intimate, giving attendees a chance to interact with the authors.

One of the poets that will be attending this year is Detroiter Jamaal May, who spoke with Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson. He says, as a Detroit poet who writes about his hometown, he’s often sought out as an authority on the city.

“My challenge when talking about the city out in the country is always to remind people that I’m just one perspective and that there are thousands of different angles… and no story is a monolith,” said May.


The 2016 MLW will be held on Saturday, April 30 from 1pm-5pm.

1 pm | Christopher Sorrentino | Chelsea Depot | 125 Jackson St.

2pm | Claire Vaye Watkins | Chelsea Depot | 125 Jackson St.

3pm | Robin Coste Lewis & Jamaal May | Chelsea Clocktower Commons | 320 N. Main St.

4pm | Paula McLain | Chelsea Clocktower Commons | 320 N. Main St.


To hear more from May’s conversation about his career and the Midwest Literary Walk, click on the audio link above.