Ford to Offer Police Doors that can Stop High-Powered Ammo

Ford Motor Company says police often targeted in official vehicles, need better protection from armor-piercing rounds.

The Ford Motor Company is offering a new series of doors for vehicles used by law enforcement, doors strong enough to stop armor-piercing bullets.

Experts say police worldwide are often targets when they are in their official vehicles.

Ford engineers reportedly say they have received many requests from law enforcement agencies, especially in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, for increased protection.

So Ford is preparing to offer doors for its Police Interceptor cars and SUV’s that can stop high-powered ammunition from rifles like AK-47’s.

The new doors are designed to offer the same protection as the highest-grade body armor.

Ford has about 60% of the law enforcement market and charges a fraction of what other automakers like Land Rover or Audi do for vehicles that protect against armor-piercing bullets.

The doors are supposed to be destroyed once a police vehicle is de-commissioned to prevent criminals from obtaining them.   


  • Quinn Klinefelter
    Quinn Klinefelter is a Senior News Editor at 101.9 WDET. In 1996, he was literally on top of the news when he interviewed then-Senator Bob Dole about his presidential campaign and stepped on his feet.