Season 2 Episode Themes

Here are the stories The Beginning of the End is hoping to tell this upcoming season. Have one that fits?

End of a Search

Have you ever found yourself obsessed with hunting for someone or something? Maybe you spent months or even years looking for a family member, a special object, or the answer to a question. Share it! >>

End of Fear

Were you ever so afraid of something or someone that you avoided it at all costs? Maybe it was completely irrational, but terrifying to you all the same. We’re looking for stories about confronting and overcoming a “fear.” Share it! >>

End of Giving a Sh!t

Did you ever have a long obsession – rational or not – with what others thought of you? So much so that you did weird things to either fit in or avoid certain situations or people. Then one day you were like: “ENOUGH!”Share it! >>

End of the Longest Day Ever

Was there a day or a week of your life that seemed eternal? Where everything went so comically wrong, but you still made it out alive and laughing? Share it! >>


We’re looking for radical forgiveness stories. Have you ever been pardoned by or reconciled to someone you hurt badly? Ever been given a second chance? Or have you had a longtime grudge that you wish to resolve with someone? Share it! >>

End of a Career

Did forces beyond your control make you step away from a long career? Maybe you crashed and burned, or maybe you just retired? Did you have a sudden desire to go in a totally different direction? Share it! >>

End of a Place

Was there an integral place in your community that has since closed its doors? We’re talking “The Spot” – to meet, to hang – where everything happened. A bar, a venue, someone’s house. How did it’s closing affect your life? Your social scene? Share it! >>

End of Faith

Did your life use to revolve around a belief system that has since been shattered for you? It could have been a religion, a way of life, or just something you believed with all your heart and built an identity around. Was there a moment when your faith stopped making sense? Share it! >>

Coming Out

We want to conduct a series of roundtable discussions about when you came out – and how. Do you identify as LGBTQ? How did you come out? Were you surprised with the reactions from your family or friends? Anything surprising happen after? Share it! >>

End of Identity

Did a strange or surprising event ever change who you are? Maybe a certain situation, person or thing – beyond your control – had a huge impact on how you viewed yourself. Share it! >>