Election 2016: Janice Winfrey Candidate Questionnaire

WDET sent identical questionnaires to Congressional primary candidates. Here’s how Janice Winfrey answered:


Why are you running for Congress?

The 13th Congressional District is the poorest in Michigan.  It has the most crime, the highest unemployment, and the most high school dropouts.  Isn’t it time for a change?  I want to go to Washington and secure federal dollars to help our families.


What qualifies you to run for Congress?

I have been the Detroit Clerk for 10 years.  In that time I have managed the office honestly and ethically.  I have managed millions of taxpayer dollars with no scandals.  I am proud of my record of making it easier for every resident to vote. 

Previously I was a teacher at DPS and a member of AFT-Michigan, where I worked every day to help our children get ahead in their lives.  I am so proud of the success of my former students!

I am most proud of being a wife and proud mother of four wonderful children and helping them be successful in their lives. 


What do you consider the major issues facing your district? Please name at least three.

Poverty.  Unemployment.  Lack of jobs and job training. 


How do you plan to address those issues if elected?

I want to work with our local communities and non-profits to help secure federal funds to fight the many problems we have in the 13th Congressional district.


Are you formally endorsing a candidate for President?

I am proudly endorsing Hillary Clinton.


In broad terms, what do you believe is the relationship between the federal government and local units of government? What is in your record that supports and informs this philosophy?

Local units of government are where people have the most interaction with government.  I have seen that first-hand as the Detroit Clerk for the past 10 years. 

If I am elected, I want to see the federal government be a partner in working with our local units in governments to improve our infrastructure, education, and quality of life.


What is your opinion on:


Raising the age of Medicare eligibility?



Taxing investor income on municipal bonds?



Establishing an Internet sales tax?



Transportation-related infrastructure and prioritization of road repair vs. transit vs. non-motorized projects?

I support have more mass transit and more reliable mass transit in Michigan.  I also realize that we are heavily reliant on cars and we need to fix our infrastructure. 


Energy policy and how it may support local investments in renewable power and support for financial incentives to increase energy efficiency?

America must become more energy independent.  One way to do this is to offer tax incentives for alternative energy and energy efficiency.