“It’s Easier to Burn the House to Strip the Copper” Andy Arena; Director Detroit Crime Commission on Arson in Detroit

How 2015 shaped up for the Detroit Crime Commission’s ongoing efforts to assist public safety organizations

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson, speaks with Andy Arena, Executive Director of the privately funded Detroit Crime Commission.


Terror: Arena says that “Under Mike Duggan, the City of Detroit has taken up a fresh look at homeland security and how they’re going to protect this city.” Arena.believes that the rise of ISIS, prompted leaders to seek new approaches to prevent terrorist threats. Arena is the former special agent in charge at the Detroit FBI office.


Pot: Arena believes that the state’s Medical Marijuana laws need to be revised, especially, tightening up the amount of dispensaries that have popped up in Detroit and around the state. “If you pull up to an intersection [in Detroit], you’ll see a gas station, party store, church and a medical marijuana center,” Arena claims.


Arson: On the number of arson related crimes that have occurred in Detroit over the past few years, Arena believes that they are related to rampant copper stripping of properties around the city. “It’s a lot easier to burn the house to strip the copper away,” Arena says.


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