MDOT Awarded for Center Lane Rumble Strips

Michigan’s center lane rumble strips have received national recognition.

The Michigan Department of Transportation’s “Rumble Strip Initiative” has received a National Roadway Safety Award. The strips were placed under the center line of all non-freeway, high-speed, rural roads across the state to prevent accidents.

MDOT’s Mary Bramble says the state saw a great reduction in the number of head-on collisions and side-swipe crashes.

“There was a 47 percent reduction in total target crashes which means a 47 percent reduction in all these center line crossing events, and also a 51 percent reduction in fatal crashes from these types of incidents,” Bramble says. 

Bramble says MDOT has made the rumble strips a standard on high-speed roadways. She says other states are currently using the department’s research to install their own center lane rumble strips.