The Detroit Today Conversation about “Detroit Bankruptcy: One Year Later”

Detroit makes it through one year post bankruptcy. What challenges remain? What’s improved?


The Detroit Bankruptcy ruling is a year old, and WDET’s News Director Jerome Vaughn and Special Assignment Manager Sandra Svoboda talk to Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson about the station’s series “Detroit Bankruptcy: One Year Later.”


Changes: Vaughn says that feelings about the bankruptcy vary depending on where you go and what neighborhood you’re in, “There are folks who are really worried about their pensions…there are feelings of betrayal, and there are others who really haven’t felt the effect.”


Bureaucracy: One caller says that it’s become more difficult to talk to public officials since the bankruptcy, saying, “There’s no accountability at all, there’s no one to call and say [they’re] not doing their job.”


This post is part of the series “Detroit Bankruptcy: One Year Later,” presented by WDET with the partners of the Detroit Journalism Cooperative (DJC). The DJC journalists continue to explore the impacts of the city’s bankruptcy, including effects on people, neighborhoods, and southeast Michigan, and the case’s long-term implications. Their collective work continues to inform regional conversations.


One of those discussions will happen at a free, community event from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 9, at Wayne State University’s Community Arts Auditorium, 450 Reuther Mall. Audience are invited to attend and ask questions of some of the key figures in the bankruptcy case. Learn more or register.

Funding for this project is made possible by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Renaissance Journalism’s Michigan Reporting Initiative and the Ford Foundation.


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