Huel Perkins of FOX 2 Reviews the Week’s News with Stephen Henderson

FOX 2 news anchor, Huel Perkins looks back at the week that was in news

In between reminiscing about past Halloweens with each other and callers – Stephen Henderson hasn’t eaten an apple since Halloween night of 1976, Huel Perkins childhood nickname was Chipper – two of Detroit’s premiere journalist discussed the week in news. Here are some of the topics they commented on:

Republican Presidential Debate:  Henderson and Perkins were disappointed with the way the moderators handled the debate. Perkins believes that the reporters asking the question were out of their field, since they report mostly on financial news and may not be experienced enough to ask politicians good and fair questions. “Questions should provoke, not insult,” Perkins said.

Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House:  Perkins liked that Ryan acknowledged that, “the House is broken,” and hopes that Ryan can be a Speaker that seeks compromise instead of confrontation.

Michigan’s Roads:  Stephen asked Perkins if a new Roads Plan would be approved by Christmas or at least during his lifetime and Perkins said, “no” to by Christmas and “yes” to during his lifetime.  Both men agree that the latest proposal has little chance of Governor Snyder signing it into law, because the $600 million earmarked from the General Fund is a non-starter.

To hear the entire conversation, please click the audio link above: