What do Star Wars and The Peanuts Movie Have in Common?

Movie Critic Jeff Meyers speaks with Stephen about both

Host Stephen Henderson talks about the fall movie season, and what he’s looking forward to watching, with film critic Jeff Meyers.


Ticket Sales: Star Wars: The Force Awakens has broken the record held for highest amount of presale tickets already, with seven million people buying tickets. The previous record was one million presale tickets for Marvel’s Avengers, in 2012.


Format: Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is being released in a special 70mm film format cut intended for special theaters. “He’s using (the format) to make a really grand presentation,” Meyers says.


The Peanuts Movie: While Meyers does say that the Peanuts have always “sold out,” it’s a relief to see that the new movie hasn’t included well-known voices for the Peanuts gang. “It’s nice to see that it’s not filled with celebrity voices, they’re keeping the kids voices, and they sound authentic to the cartoon,” Meyers says.


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