Beer, Beer and More Beer!

Stephen talks beer with Travis Wright and Stephen Roginson of Batch Brewing Company.

Stephen talks with Batch Brewing Company’s Stephen Roginson and WDET’s Travis Wright about a WDET-themed beer coming up from Batch.

The Premise

Batch Brewing reached out to WDET for their “Feel Good Tap” promotion. “Every month we partner with a non-profit…from the sale of each beer we contribute $2 to the non-profit.” They have given almost $20,000 since the first beer to charities.


The Brew

WDET’s Travis Wright sampled the beer live, and had this to say: “The roasted coffee flavors come through, a little bit of that roasty-ness, a little bit of chocolate flavor too, and at 9:55 in the morning tastes deliciously appropriate.”


Taste WDET’s coffee stout for yourself at Batch Brewing Company in Corktown during the entire month of October.

To hear more of their conversation, play the audio above.