Tigers Attendance Declines by 6% During 2015 Season

200,000 fewer people attended games at Comerica Park in 2015 than in 2014.

The Detroit Tigers saw the number of ballpark visitors drop six percent compared to last year. Despite the decrease, attendance at Comerica Park ranked ninth highest of all Major League Baseball teams. Tigers spokesperson Ron Colangelo says team performance over the past decade has been elevating ticket purchases.

“[It’s partially due to] the success of the team, starting with the World Series appearance in ’06 and also the World Series appearance in 2012, the American League Championship appearances, the most recent four consecutive central division championships… So the product on the field has been an obvious number one to drawing fans to the ball park.”

-Ron Colangelo

Colangelo says cold weather at the beginning of the season hurt annual ticket sales. He says, in total, about 2.7 million people went to Tigers’ games at Comerica Park this year.