Snyder Announces Program to Spur Economic Development Across the State

Snyder says ten cities, including River Rouge, will receive help and leadership to drive economic growth.

Governor Rick Snyder launched a statewide initiative in River Rouge today to stimulate economic growth in cities across the state. The program called Rising Tide will provide development tools and leadership to one community in each of the state’s ten economic regions. Snyder says the effort aims to decrease unemployment and poverty rates.

“[It’s about] how we can… have people interested in growing their business or coming to Michigan, [and] how we can show River Rouge as an attractive, appealing place to set up their location. Usually with that we want to do the training programs, because the key issue we’re finding now is: do we have enough people with the right skill sets?”

-Gov. Rick Snyder

Snyder says the effort is being sponsored by the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development. He says he hopes to continue the initiative in more communities once the pilot program reaches its goals.