U of M Study to Examine Connection Between Relationships and Well-Being in Metro Detroit

University of Michigan sociologists are surveying metro Detroiters about relationships, forgiveness, and well-being.

University of Michigan sociologists are beginning a study in Metro Detroit to understand how relationships and forgiveness affect a person’s well-being. Kristine Ajrouch is one of the principal investigators. She says her team chose to survey Detroit residents to include a mix of cultures in the responses. Ajrouch says the research aims to gather information on the benefits and detriments of social relationships.

“The ways in which people’s encounters every day, so their daily interactions, affect well-being over the life course. So we’ll be looking at an entire adult sample, and really interested in knowing how social relationships are helpful and also sometimes a hindrance to well-being.”

-Kristine Ajrouch

Ajrouch says her team plans to survey 1,200 people. She says she expects to have results from the study within a year.