Highland Park Residents Ask City ‘Where is the Money?’

Highland Park residents say they won’t pay court ordered $21 million to DWSD.

Highland Park residents are asking city officials where the money they paid on their water bills has gone. The Wayne County Circuit Court is ordering the city to pay the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department $21 million in past due bills.

Resident Marian Kramer says some of her neighbors have not received consistent water bills.

They’ve been billing us like every six months now, they might get it every seven or eight months. They hadn’t had the instrument to even read the meter because they were not accurate. So you’ve been sending me a phony bill and you knew it was a phony bill? That’s against the law!

– Marian Kramer, Highland Park resident. 

Kramer says Highland Park officials are trying to back residents into a corner and pay the city’s bill. She says the Highland Park Human Rights Commission is asking residents to call Governor Snyder and ask for the money paid towards bills to be returned to the city.