EPA Gives $4.5 Million to Restore the Clinton River

Sterling Heights and Utica are working together to clean-up the Clinton River and ready it for recreational use.

The US Environmental Protection Agency is awarding Sterling Heights and Utica $4.5 million to clean-up the Clinton River. The municipalities will work together to clear nine miles of the waterway of contamination and blockages. Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor says it’s about time the cities began work to restore the river.

“We’re really gonna start leveraging up [the river], because… we don’t have lakes. We don’t have lakefront, but we do have an amazing river that has a lot of potential.”

-Michael Taylor, Mayor of Sterling Heights

Taylor says he expects his city will install kayak, canoe and fishing landings along the river once the restoration process is completed. He says Sterling Heights also plans to invest in bicycle and hiking trails in the area and around Dodge Park.

Courtesy of the City of Sterling Heights