A New Pope for a New Age

Father John Staudenmaier discusses the changes Pope Francis is making in the church.

Stephen Henderson talks with Father John Staudenmaier today about The Pope’s upcoming visit to Philadelphia, and the role his holiness plays in American Catholic’s lives.

The New Pope: Although Pope Francis’ unorthodox views on the church are making waves,  according to Fr. Staudenmaier, he’s the pope the Catholic people need. Some of the callers that weighed in agree.

Homosexuality and Abortion: The pope’s views on the LGBT Catholic community are simple, says Staudenmaier: Who is he to judge? And for abortion? It’s time to forgive.  Francis’ beliefs and teaching focus on much larger social issues. “We are spending too much time on a handful of sexual behavior questions,” Pope Francis says.

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***Correction: Father Staudenmaier’s surname was misspelled in the original web post. WDET apologizes for the error.