Snyder Forms Political Fund to Back Candidates

Snyder launches a committee to recruit candidates for his new political fund.

Governor Rick Snyder has started a political fund to support candidates who share his centrist views on governing.

The governor revealed his new political fund over the weekend at a Republican conference on Mackinac Island. But Snyder’s Relentless Positive Action political action committee is distinct from other Republican fundraising efforts. He says the goal is to recruit and finance candidates who share his views on paying down debt, education, and building infrastructure.

“I’m not doing this out of negative concerns,” he said. “I’m doing this out of positive opportunity to continue a wonderful re-invention process that has taken place.”

The governor says his Relentless Positive Action political action committee will start by recruiting and supporting candidates in state House races next year. Which, if successful, could give the governor a friendlier Legislature going into the final two years of his final term.