Why Can’t Hillary Close the Deal?

What will it take for Hillary to sew up the Democratic nomination?

Senior Political Correspondent at the National Journal Tim Alberta discusses the history of Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns, and what they say about her future as a White House contender on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson. Here’s a the essence of their conversation.

  • Hillary ‘08 vs. Hillary ’16: Like in 2008, Clinton faces problems with the media. However unlike her previous campaign, she is capitalizing on her gender and reaching out to females, according to Alberta.
  • Socialist Sanders: Callers feel that Bernie Sanders will take the Democratic nomination due to his loyalty to the far left, whereas Hillary tends to remain moderate and avoids polarization. 
  • What about Biden?: One caller feels Joe Biden is a more viable candidate due to his experience and lack of scandal.  Although Biden is well-liked by Democrats, his family tragedy may prohibit him from running.

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