Mitch Albom: 30 years in Detroit

Catch up with Mitch Albom’s newest nonprofit activities around Detroit!

Stephen Henderson talks with Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press columnist and philanthropist, about his newest nonprofit venture and why giving back matters.

  • Detroit Water Ice Factory: The Detroit Water Ice Factory is Albom’s newest nonprofit venture.  Water ice is a cold dessert that Albom says is a smoother and more flavorful derivative of Italian Ice. He says that the proceeds from selling the water ice go towards training youth for jobs and other charitable causes, such as Detroit Rescue Mission.
  • Fund raising: Albom says that he avoids government funding for his nonprofits because private funding allows him to be more flexible and “move within the system”. He says finding funding is a lot of begging, but he does not mind asking for funding on behalf of someone else.
  • 30 year career: Stephen asks Albom if he has been able to do all the things he wanted to do during his 30 year career as a sports writer at the Free Press.  Albom says that he works part-time for the Free Press now, and that the Free Press has been very kind accommodating his other projects, such as his books. 
  • Cheerleading Detroit: Albom says he is alright with being a cheerleader for Detroit because it is a great city.  He is optimistic about Detroit’s revitalization.  He says “all boats rise” with economic growth, but Detroit is too caught up in “whose city is this” and us vs. them thinking.   

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