Return Mission: Playground Detroit Bolsters Local Art Market

Playground Detroit sets the stage for the city’s budding art scene.


Just a few years back, Detroit-natives Paulina Petkoski and Samantha Banks were creatively hustling in the fashion capital of North America: New York City. The pair was pursuing careers in design and fashion. But they both had eyes on artistic happenings back in their hometown. Soon, Banks and Petkosi were Midwest ex-pats, reppin’ the Motor City at every turn, even bringing visual, cinematic and musical artists out for NYC showcases. 

But the cost of living in New York is now so infamously unrealistic for creative lifestyles, that the pair decided to return home to double down on their venture Playground Detroit, an offline an online organization that aims to bolster Detroit artists and help get their work sold. 

The two co-founders talk about it all with WDET’s Travis Wright, and jam out to new tunes by Jamaican Queens as well as Tunde Olaniran (from his debut album Transgressor).