The Beginning of The Beginning of the End

Hear from WDET’s Alex Trajano about his new podcast, The Beginning of the End, and a story from the first episode.

Stephen Henderson talks with WDET’s Alex Trajano about his new podcast, The Beginning of The End.  “The Beginning of The End” premiered this Wednesday, June 24th.  It will post every other Wednesday, and is available through iTunes and other podcast platforms.  They talk about what the podcast explores, the experience of making it, and what it means.  Hear their conversation, as well as a story from the first episode.

  • The meaning of the end: Alex says that he does not want the title “The Beginning of the End” to sound ominous.  He says he is interested in endings as periods of change and catalysts in people’s lives, and that each ending is also a beginning. 
  • Cathartic conversations: Stephen asks what it is like to hear such intimate stories from strangers, and what motivates people to tell such personal stories on air.  Alex says he does not know what exactly motivates people, but many people have submitted their stories.  He says the intimate nature of the conversations is often cathartic, and that there isn’t a story that someone can’t relate to. 
  • Preview episode: Hear a compelling story from the first episode of “The Beginning of the End”, about the end of a marriage, a career, and a secret. 
  • Listen to the podcast:  “The Beginning of the End” will have a 12-episode season.  The first episode premiered this Wednesday, and is available now to listen on, as well as for free on iTunes and other podcast platforms.

Click the audio link above to listen to the conversation and story.