Oakland County Distribute Trigger Locks to Make Guns Safer

County law enforcement agencies are looking to reduce accidental shootings.

Oakland County is distributing trigger locks to help make guns safer. In recognition of Gun Safety Awareness Day, Oakland County law enforcement agencies will distribute trigger locks free of charge to gun owners. The program is being coordinated by county officials. The Oakland County Board of Commissioners held a news conference Tuesday to talk about how a trigger lock can make firearms safer. WDET’s Ron Lyons Jr speaks with Commissioner Mike Spisz. He says trigger locks can make a difference.  

 “It helps protect the innocent from accidental shooting. A lot of the accidents happen because a weapon loaded in your home is not locked up from a child or someone that’s not educated enough to use a weapon. So what [a trigger lock] does is help reduce the death or accidental death.” 

Mike Spisz, Oakland County Board of Commissioners

The locks will be available at law enforcement agencies in Oakland County on Friday at no charge.


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