Background: Detroit Park Watch

All summer long in 2015, WDET reported on how parks are impacting Detroiters and how Detroiters impacted the parks.

As a public radio station, we didn’t think it was enough for us to do all the storytelling. Especially on a subject like parks that is so near to people’s neighborhoods and hearts. We wanted to hear from Detroiters. We wanted a way to let people on the ground and in the neighborhoods have a voice in telling the story of their parks.

That’s why we partnered with Data Driven Detroit to launch the Parks Watch App. That enabled anyone with a smartphone to upload a report and a picture of what’s happening in their parks. Parks Watch helped to inform WDET’s reporting. Now, that data is available to help all Detroiters, from city officials to community groups.


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We looked at a four main areas in our survey: Activities, Transportation, Maintenance, and Public Safety.

You can  view WDET’s Parks Watch results and download the data below.



  • Nina Ignaczak
    Nina Ignaczak is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker in Metro Detroit. She is the founder and executive editor of Planet Detroit, a digital media startup that tells Detroit’s environmental stories while building a community of engaged readers who are informed and empowered to act personally and publicly. She is also a former digital editor at WDET.