‘Morel’ Mushroom Poisonings Reach 16

Michigan regional poison control center reports 16 cases of morel and false-morel mushroom poisoning.

State officials say morel mushroom hunters should double-check what they pick before they eat it. Doctors in Michigan have reported 16 cases of mushroom poisonings so far this year. The director of the Michigan Regional Poison Control CenterDr. Cynthia Aaron, says true morel mushrooms are edible, but they can still be toxic to some people.

“People develop allergies to them, so they don’t realize it and they may be eating morels for years and then all of the sudden, they develop an allergy. And they get some nausea and vomiting and then they get some diarrhea, and unfortunately, once that happens it’s going to continue to happen.”

Dr. Cynthia Aaron, Director of the Michigan Regional Poison Control Center

Aaron says even how a mushroom is prepared can affect how a person responds to it. She says many toxic species of mushrooms look very similar to the edible morel mushrooms.


  • Eli Newman
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