Are You Reddy?: Director Diane Cheklich Brings The “Doctor Reddy Experience” To Art X Detroit

The next cult-movie hero, Doctor Reddy, comes to Art X Detroit.

“You don’t expect someone to walk in a biker karaoke bar and pick out a Bollywood song from the book, but there it is and it’s no big deal.”

Director Diane Cheklich

If David Lynch directed Slumdog Millionaire, Doctor Reddy would be its star. He’s the Indo-American hero of the short-film series by Diane Cheklich who takes a surrealistic look at how the West sees its Eastern counterparts. This weekend, “The Doctor Reddy Experience” comes to Art X Detroit to premier a brand-new short, a live-dance performance and more. Diane talks about making movies with WDET’s Travis Wright.

-Eli Newman, Culture City Associate Producer