Nocturnally Nuanced: New Music from Detroit’s Valley Hush

New Music Premier: This down-tempo duo is making earnest electro-pop you have to hear.

“Once we started to get going, we didn’t stop. That was exactly a year ago.” – Lianna Vaniceli, Valley Hush

Alex Kaye & Lianna Vanicelli at WDET, courtesy of Valley Hush

Valley Hush are indeed one of Detroit’s newest yet most promising bands. Fresh, no matter how you cut ’em. A distinctive vocal styling is woven around melodies that dabble in hypnosis. Meanwhile, guitars bash up against beats in a way that feels both current and singular.

In anticipation of a local show at Small’s with a particularly killer line-up of local talent, the band’s founders — producer and musician Alex Kaye and singer/songwriter Lianna Vaniceli — swung through the studio to speak with WDET’s Travis Wright about how the project came together, why it works, and what we can expect from the electro-outfit into the future.

And they brought some new music off their forthcoming EP Don’t Wait.