Detroit’s West Riverfront Park to Host Major Music Events this Summer

The Mo-Pop Music Festival and the Downtown Hoedown will take place at the space.

The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy is bringing major music events to a new park this summer. West Riverfront Park is a 20-acre space that extends the RiverWalk west from Joe Louis Arena. Detroit Riverfront Conservancy spokesperson Marc Pasco say, since opening, many people have used the area for picnics, pick-up soccer and Frisbee.

“We plan on using it for concerts among other things. It’s really a big, blank, green canvas. It’s a wonderful location for a variety of things. There’s gonna be a lot of great stuff happening along the West Riverfront this year. We’re excited about it.”

-Marc Pasco

Pasco says the park differs from many other spaces along the river, due to its lack of major landscaping or structures like lighthouses or playscapes. He says the Mo-Pop Music Festival and the Downtown Hoedown are set to take place at the West Riverfront Park this summer.