The Kresge Foundation Awards $1.6 Million to Community Projects

Kresge awarded 18 non-profits funding to carry out projects designed to strengthen Detroit neighborhoods.

The Kresge Foundation is funding more than $1.6 million dollars’ worth of community projects in Detroit. Foundation CEO Rip Rapson says the organization is awarding between $20,000 and $150,000 a piece to nonprofits who either want to start exploring a new idea, or have an initiative ready to implement. He says applications were evaluated based on how they mesh with the strategic framework plan set out by the group Detroit Future City.

Courtesy of the Kresge Foundation

“[Projects were evaluated on criteria] including transformation of vacant land, the use of public and open space, the renewal of city systems, and the stabilization of neighborhoods. We sought projects that used inclusive, collaborative processes, and we looked for projects that extended benefits to a broad set of stakeholders and community residents.”

-Rip Rapson

Rapson says the initiatives include creating a house that generates its own electricity, organizing 5,000 volunteers to clean up the Osborn neighborhood and developing a green byway on a three-quarter mile stretch of Mack Avenue. He says the Kresge Foundation will accept applications for another round of project proposals this fall. 

See the full list of Kresge awards here.