Macomb County 32 Mile Road Bridge Closed Indefinitely

Steel beams were deteriorating under the Macomb County bridge.

The 32 Mile Road bridge in Macomb County is being closed indefinitely. During an annual inspection, workers discovered parts of the crossing’s steel beams were deteriorating. Macomb County Roads Director Robert Hoepfner says completely replacing the structure would cost $2 million—money the county does not have.

“We believe we have a source that may be able to supply us with a temporary bridge where we would remove the existing deck and beams and replace it with a temporary structure until we can get funding and get a new bridge designed and built.”

-Robert Hoepfner

Hoepfner says about 14,000 cars travel over the bridge daily, and the nearest detour is three miles away. He says drivers will have to wait at least three months before the bridge is reopened.