Flint City Council Wants to Reconnect to Detroit Water

Flint City Council members voted to reconnect to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

The Flint City Council has voted to reconnect the city’s water system to Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. The city disconnected from the water system in 2014 as part of a cost-saving measure.

Council President Josh Freedman was the only one to vote against the proposal. He says reconnecting to Detroit’s water service would cost an extra 850 thousand dollars a month.

“The bigger question is if we are testing in compliance with EPA and the state of Michigan, do we really need to go back or do we need to do a better job of educating our community that yeah we had some struggles at the beginning but those changes as we start to implement them are showing positive results,” Freedman says. 

Residents have been complaining about the color and smell of water drawn from the Flint River.

Freedman says the vote was more of a symbolic gesture, since only Emergency Manager Jerry Ambrose can make the final decision.




  • Bre'Anna Tinsley
    Bre'Anna Tinsley is a reporter for Detroit Public Radio, 101.9 WDET. She covers city government and housing, as well as co-hosting the "Detroit Evening Report" podcast.