Warren Mayor Taking Stand Against Heroin

Mayor Fouts is working to seize a house where heroin dealing took place.

Warren’s Mayor says he is fighting to deter heroin users and dealers from coming to the city. Mayor Jim Fouts recently ordered the seizure of a home where residents were selling heroin, and now faces a settlement conference over the future of the property. He says he, as well as the police commissioner, have been ordered to attend.

“The Judge is insisting on some kind of a settlement, but I don’t know how we can agree to a settlement when a person has turned a residential home into a drug house. I don’t know how we can have anything but zero tolerance for that.”

Fouts says he wants to send a message that if a person comes to Warren to buy or use heroin, they will be arrested, prosecuted and convicted. He says the court will decide the future of the seized property tomorrow.