Ice Sheets Delaying Opening of Port Windsor

The Port is opening a week later than scheduled as a result of large ice floes.

Officials say ice-covered waterways are delaying the opening of Port Windsor by about a week. Harbormaster Peter Berry says there are large ice floes over most of the water which, despite the warming temperatures on land, are still at about zero degrees Fahrenheit. He says the fallout from the cold February weather is causing problems for many points of entry along the Great Lakes.

“The Soo locks will probably open late. The Welland Canal is definitely opening late. Port of Thunder Bay, Duluth, those types of ports need to be broken open. The water needs to flow. The locks have to open up to allow the extra flow of water, and that helps break up the ice as well.”

Berry says it’s the first time since 1997 that shipping in the area has been delayed for so long. He says, most likely, the port will open at the beginning of next month.