Barriers, Stereotypes Block Transit Options in Metro Detroit

May 22, 2018

Some Metro Detroit officials want a second go at creating a regional transit system. Experts say the plan faces longstanding roadblocks: A lack of transit options, antipathy towards “outsiders” and the stigma that only the poor take buses near the Motor City.

Mixed Reaction Awaits Trump in Return to Macomb County

April 28, 2018

President Trump holds a campaign rally in Macomb County, the area that flipped Michigan from blue to red and put him in the White House. But some in the county say they regret their vote after more than a year of scandals and stagnant personal finances.

Are U.S. Small Cars on the Road to Extinction?

April 9, 2018

Recent reports claim Ford and GM plan to cut production of small cars and sedans in the U.S. Fuel prices are low and sales of pickups and SUV’s are soaring. But are automakers ready if gas or oil spikes again?