Stories and Objects About “Them”

A historic movie poster featuring Felix the Cat and a cartoon image of an angry Arab man wielding a small sword was meant to be humorous, says Elizabeth Barrett Sullivan, curator of exhibits at the Arab American National Museum. But what audiences see, she says, actually perpetuates negative stereotypes. The poster is one of the objects featured..

03. The End of a Parent

The Right Brothers Meet Phreddy Wischusen. Henry Wischusen III His gramps is 101. Well, Phreddy wanted to know - what's it like for a son to know that his father's death is coming and how does he prepare for it? Listen to Phreddy interview his dad about the life of his grandpa, their strained relationship and..

02. The End of Him and Her

Meet Him & Her They've been together for 6 years. But after all this time, their priorities have grown apart- and it's showing. What might it mean for them to call it quits? Listen to this couple separately contemplate ending their relationship - The End of Him and Her.     Lac La Belle Meet Lac La..

01. The End of a Secret

Courtesy of Laurinda Meet Laurinda. She's an ex-punk rocker who thought she had life totally under her control.  But when she discovered what her new husband was hiding, it changed everything. Listen to Laurinda's gripping story - The End of a Secret.         FAWN Meet FAWN. All of the music that scored this episode was written..