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Rep. Peter Meijer on State of the GOP: “A Very Uncertain Moment for My Party”

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Meijer talks about his place in the Trump-dominated GOP, as well as his legislation to return war powers to Congress.

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Congressman Peter Meijer made headlines earlier this year as one of just 10 House Republicans to vote in favor of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment following the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

It’s one thing to say the president should be able to act swiftly… It’s another thing to have that go on for years with little check and little accountability.” — Rep. Peter Meijer, MI-03

Meijer joined Detroit Today to discuss the state of the Republican party in 2021 and his bipartisan legislation that would return war powers to Congress. 

Listen: Rep. Peter Meijer on holding the executive branch accountable 


Congressman Peter Meijer is a Republican who represents Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District. He says in the post-Trump era, the GOP is always evolving. “I’ll be honest, I put it very simply, I don’t think it’s up to any one individual or a group of individuals to make that definition” of who is a “Republican,” says Meijer. ”I’ve been involved with Republican politics my whole life.”

Meijer and Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts are spearheading the recently introduced National Security Reforms and Accountability Act, legislation to reclaim Congressional war powers from the executive branch. “It’s one thing to say the president should be able to act swiftly,” he says. ”It’s another thing to have that go on for years with little check and little accountability.”

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