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Detroit Police Officer Suspended After Fleeing from Fellow Officers During Traffic Stop

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Officials say the officer, who was off duty at the time, was a passenger in a stolen car that crashed after speeding to elude officers.

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A Detroit Police officer has been suspended from the department and could be facing formal charges after fleeing from and resisting police officers during a traffic stop early Sunday morning, police said.

As first reported by Deadline Detroit, a two-year veteran of the force was a passenger in a Dodge Charger, which was stolen several months ago in Ohio, when the driver attempted to evade officers making a traffic stop on Detroit’s west side.   

Assistant Chief David LeValley said Thursday the car started speeding as the officers approached the vehicle. 

The officers observed the vehicle crash and two individuals exit the vehicle and flee on foot,” LeValley said. “As the officers approached, they were able to track one of the individuals into a backyard. At that point, they identified that individual as an off-duty Detroit police officer.”  

LeValley said once officers figured out the suspect was a cop, investigators from internal affairs were brought in.  

They were immediately called out to the scene and now they’re gathering more information. Some further details that are necessary to make sure that the right charges are brought against the individual,” he said. 

The officer, who won’t be named until charges have been filed, was taken into custody and released Tuesday and suspended with pay. Police Chief James White was expected to ask the Board of Police Commissioners Thursday to suspend the officer without pay as the legal process plays out. LeValley said the department will present information to the prosecutor’s officer and pursue formal charges. 

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