City of Dearborn August 3 Primary Election Results

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View election results for Dearborn Mayor and City Council races.

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Local communities across the region head to the polls on August 3 to cast their ballots for city officials and local proposals. 

Dearborn voters will narrow down the race for Mayor and City Council and weigh in on whether to revise the city’s charter and extend the library millage.

WDET is committed to bringing you accurate information about the races and will do so on-air and online when election results are available. Bookmark this page for confirmed results.

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City Council
Proposal A
Library Millage Renewal


Advancing: Abdullah Hammoud, Gary Woronchak

One position, 4-year term. Two candidates will advance to the November election.

Precincts reporting: 48 of 48 (100%)
Candidate Votes
Hussein Berry 829
Susan A. Dabaja 3,554
Abdullah Hammoud 8,858
Jim Parrelly 736
Thomas Patrick Tafelski 3,123
Kalette Shari Willis 85
Gary Woronchak 3,889
TOTAL* 21,084

*Includes write-ins

City Council

Advancing: Robert Abraham, Said Mashgari Alawathi, Kamal Alsawafy, Erin Byrnes, Silvio Davis, Lola Elzein, Gary Enos, Khor Farhat, Musapha Hammoud, Leslie C. Herrick, Sam Luqman, Khalil Othman, Ken Paris, Michael T. Sareini

One position, 4-year term. 14 candidates will advance to the November election.

Precincts reporting: 48 of 48 (100%)
Candidate Votes
Ziad Abdulmalik 2,662
Robert A. Abraham 6,954
Jonathon Akkari 2,424
Said Mashgari Alawathi 3,966
Kamal Alsawafy 5,480
Houda Berri 3,792
Erin Byrnes 8,091
Silvio Davis 5,948
Kamel Elkadri 3,788
Lola Elzein 5,489
Gary Enos 5,673
Khor Farhat 5,509
Musapha Hammoud 5,295
Leslie C. Herrick 8,356
Sam Luqman 4,165
Khalil Othman 3,982
Ken Paris 7,037
Michael T. Sareini 10,036
TOTAL* 98,763

*Includes write-ins

Proposal A

Proposal A has passed

Shall the Charter of the City of Dearborn, adopted November 6, 2007, as amended, be reviewed, updated and revised by a Charter Commission elected at a subsequent election?

Precincts reporting: 48 of 48 (100%)
Response Votes
Yes 11,938
No 7,050
TOTAL 18,988

Library Millage Renewal

Library millage renewal has passed

Dearborn Library Millage Renewal For 6 Years
Since 2011, Dearborn voters have authorized that 1 mill be solely dedicated to offset the costs of providing library services.  Annually, this mill generates approximately $3,700,000 or nearly 60% of the library’s operating budget.  If not renewed, necessary reductions to facilities, materials, programming, services, and an additional loss of annual state funding of at least $700,000, will result.   

Shall the City of Dearborn in accordance with State law MCL § 397.201 continue to levy an ad valorem tax not to exceed $1 per $1,000 in taxable value (1 mill) for no more than 6 years which will be strictly dedicated to fund the operational and capital costs of the library system?

Precincts reporting: 48 of 48 (100%)
Response Votes
Yes 13,331
No 6,447
TOTAL 19,778

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