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Food Influencers The Kitchenista and Mighty in the Mitten Find Recipe for Success on Instagram

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Image credit: MyThy Huynh / @mightyinthemitten

In this episode of the Essential Cooking podcast, Ann Delisi and Chef James Rigato talk with Detroit-based food influencers Angela Davis and MyThy Huynh about what led them to cooking for Instagram.

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If you’ve spent any time on Instagram, you’ve likely seen lavish plates and recipes from food bloggers that look downright mouthwatering.

For Angela Davis (@thekitchenista) and MyThy Huynh (@mightyinthemitten), being a food influencer on Instagram is a full time job that brings them both joy, but requires daily dedication to the work.

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Angela Davis was a full-time accountant who moonlighted as a food blogger for fun. She would cook at night, and after increasing demand to share her recipes, Davis moved onto Instagram where she goes by @thekitchenista. 

MyThy Huynh is an emergency room nurse who found comfort in cooking after long shifts at the hospital. Eventually, she started the Instagram account @mightyinthemitten

Davis and Huynh now have thousands of devoted Instagram followers – 135,000 and 25,000, respectively – who check their feeds for culinary inspiration every day.  

Recipe for Success 

To make The Kitchenista and Mighty in the Mitten successful foodie accounts, Davis and Huynh have a recipe for success that keep their fans coming back:

  • Quality – Great looking food and recipes are essential to attract new followers and keep them coming back. Among their most requested recipes are comfort food: Mac ‘n’ cheese for the Davis, and dumplings for Huynh. 
  • Consistency – Offering new content daily ensures there’s always something new for audiences. 
  • Engagement – Always responding to questions and comments from fans and collaborators. 

In This Episode

  • The Kitchenista and Mighty in the Mitten talk about why they started food blogs
  • Comfort foods top the list of most viewed posts
  • The challenge of creating new content every day
  • Learning to cook from TV and the internet

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